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Blocket (second hand online ads)
Change of address
Daylight calculator
Dentist related
Ebay version Swedish
Electricity: Umea Energi
Immigration and waiting time
Internet: Telia
Northern light forecast
Northern light forecast (2)
Real estate
Real estate statistics
Rental housing
Restaurants in Umeå
The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Housing support, parental benefits, etc.)
Tax break for foreigner (Apply within the first three monts of employment)
Tax calculator (1)
Tax calculator (2)
Tax office (personal number)
Track any Swedish

Umeå University: Buying stuff for the University
Umeå University: Create guest account wireless
Umeå University: Holidays at the university
Umeå University: How to configure Box
Umeå University: How to configure Thunderbird (Ubuntu)
Umeå University: How to install Eduroam (Ubuntu)
Umeå University: PASS (register holidays)
Umeå University: Un-official information for newcomers at the University
Umeå Booking room (time Edit)(Next to mailing room: KB5A15, Seminar room: KB5C2, Video conference room: KB5B23)
Umeå VPN (Encryypted browsing when on business trip)

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