How to create a key

gpg --gen-key
You can use default for everything, but make the keysize as large as possible (e.g. 4096). Your key does not have to expire.

How to add email address to your key

gpg --edit-key ExistingEmail 
Type your name
Type your new email address
Type comments (I put my website address)
If everything is alright type "O" for okay.
Now you can trust yourself:

Upload your key to a server

gpg --list-keys your@email.address
gpg --keyserver --send-keys keyID

your keyID is after the slash in the output of the first command. E.g.
pub 4096R/keyID 2012-05-13

Integration with thunderbird

Install the add-on Enigmail.
Thunderbird -> Tools -> Add-ons
search and install Enigmail.

Folder encryption

Install encfs

sudo apt-get install encfs
or the windows equivalent here

Create folder ~/PATH/DECRYPTED and sync the decrypted content of ~/PATH/encrypted in it.

encfs ~/PATH/encrypted ~/PATH/DECRYPTED

Close the synced decrypted folder and remove it.

fusermount -u ~/PATH/DECRYPTED

Duplicity (encrypted backup)

To backup a folder

duplicity --encrypt-key AD786AC5 /home/dude/ file:///media/dude/backupDisk/dude/

To restore a specific file:

duplicity --file-to-restore /home/dude file:///media/dude/backupDisk/dude /home/dude


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